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Aria con Strumenti e senza per il Sig. Farinello

Source of “Aria con Strumenti e senza / Per il Sig. Farinello.” is a ms of the score ARM0009846, Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, Venezia.
Friday, May 24, 2013
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Version 1.0

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Mario Bolognani's picture

Thanks Thomas Landes for your comment. This is an urtext transcription, so is up  to you deciding which instruments have to be selected for playing the parts.


Mario Bolognani

baroquemusic,it editor

Thomas Landes's picture

The C-4- Key for the the  Viola-Part could be a little bit problematic for the "normal" Viola players - if You don´t think on a performance with Viola da Gamba......! In addtion, do You think, the Basso seguente of the 3d part should indeed doubled by the Bass Instrument as notated in the Bass Part?? 


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