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Canon perpetuus [Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 Nr. 9]

Source of „Canon perpetuus“ is the Musikalisches Opfer 1885 edition, Bach-Gesellschaft zu Leipzig (Band 31, editor Alfred Dörffel). The instrumentation is taken from the ms. of Trio in C minor (BWV 1079 no. 8), dated 1755, belonging to F. W. Rust, Cöthen Gymnasium alumnus, and later student of W. F. Bach (Vorwort of BGA edition, p. VIII).
Separate parts: 
Sunday, December 14, 2008
Release notes: 
Version 1.1 (January 20, 2013) corrects three transcription errors and gives a new editorial format. Version 1.0 was completed on January 15, 2010.

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<p>I have just published a revision of &quot;Ricercare a 6&quot; and &quot;Canon perpetuus&quot; from &quot;Musikalisches Opfer&quot; BWV 1079 by J. S. Bach.</p><p>Mario Bolognani ( editor)</p>

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