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Cantata "Bella Dama di nome Santa"

The source is a ms. of the score available at Biblioteca del Conservatorio di musica San Pietro a Majella, Napoli (ms. IT/ICCU/MSM/0092273). Caption title: “Bella Dama di nome Santa / Cantata per Camera / con Flauto, e Violini / Del Sig.r / Cavaliere Alessandro Scarlatti”.
Monday, June 25, 2007
Release notes: 
Version 1.2

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michèle buchet's picture

<p>Could you give us more recorder scores, SA, AT, SAB, ATB ? Thank a lot!</p>
Mario Bolognani's picture

<p>Thanks for your message, Michèle Buchet, I will consider your request.</p>
Mario Bolognani's picture

<p>Publication of version 1.2 with a revision of bass figures and a new editorial format.</p>


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