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Concerto II Op. 2 a 3 Violini, Viola, Violoncello e Basso

Source, available at International Music Library Project (IMSLP22141-PMLP50761), is a printed edition of six parts by John Walsh, London (no date). Caption title: „ALBINONIS CONCERTOS / in Seven Parts / for three / VIOLINS TENORS / and / BASS VIOLIN / with a / THROUGH BASS / for the / HARPSICHORD / Compos'd by / TOMASO ALBINONI / Opera Secunda”. The Viola Tenor part is not included, while the remaining six parts follow the first edition of Opera Seconda (G. Sala, Venezia, 1700).
Thursday, October 16, 2008
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Version 1.0

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<p>Version 1.0 was published on October, 16, 2008. On February 7, 2014 it has been republished with a new editorial format.</p>

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