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Campra, André (1660 - 1744)

Hésione - Suite
Sample Score

The main source is a ms. of the score in 4-6 parts, with a printed frontispiece by J-B. Ch. Ballard: “Hésione // Tragédie, // Mise en Musique par Monsieur Campra, Maître de // Musique de la Chapelle du Roy. // Représenté pour la premiere fois par l'Academie Royale de Musique le 21. Decembre 1700. // A Paris // M.DCCXLIII”, Gallica, BNF, Paris.  The Suite includes five instrumental pieces.

Versione 1.0
Aréthuse Suite
Sample Score

There are two sources: a ms. of the separate parts Mus.2124-F-9, SLUB, Dresden, and a 1701 printed edition of the score, editor C. Ballard: “ARETHUSE /… / Par Monsieur Campra. / … /M. DCCI / …”, available at Petrucci Music Library. The two sources are different. When in doubt, the printed edition has been preferred. Some figured bass numbers are present only in the ms and have been included in the transcription. The score was transcribed with the the original clefs, while separate parts use modern clefs.

Version 1.0 with a revised editorial format.
Arion - Cinquiéme Cantate, Livre premier, à Flûte allemande, Soprano & Basse-continue
Sample Score

The source is a 1721 printed edition of the score, editor J-B-C. Ballard: “CANTATES / FRANÇOISES, / ME’LE’ES DE SYMPHONIES; / Par Monsieur Campra. Livre Premier. / … /M.DCCXXI / …”, available at “Biblioteca
 del Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Verdi”, Milano.

Version 1.1, correcting a transcription error and with a new editorial format, published on February 4, 2013. Version 1.0 first published on November 11, 2010.
Le Carnaval de Venise - Suite
Sample Score

The main source is a ms. of the score in 5-6 parts, by atelier Philidor. Another source is a printed edition of the score in 2-3 parts, edited by Christophe Ballard, 1699. Caption ti- tle: “LE CARNAVAL / DE VENISE, / BALLET. / MIS EN MUSIQUE, / Par M. CAMPRA le Cadet. / ...”. Both sources are available at Gallica, BNF, Paris. The Suite includes nine instrumental pieces from the Italian opera ”Orfeo nell'Inferi Opera Regia / Di Plutone” and from the last scene.

Version 2.0
Suite: Tancrède - Prologue
Sample Score

Main source is ms. n. 25, Toulouse-Philidor collection (ca. 1703). The first printed edition by Christophe Ballard, Paris is dated 1702. Caption title: “TANCREDE, / TRAGEDIE, / MISE EN MUSIQUE / Par Monsieur CAMPRA. / REPRE'SENTE'E POUR LA PREMIERE FOIS /... Le septiéme jour de Novembre 1702. / A PARIS / Chez Christophe Ballard / ... M. DCCII.” In this edition the Passacaille is named “Danse de la Suite de la Paix”. From the next Ballard edition (1737) the reference to flutes in Passacaille trios has been adopted. All sources are online available at Gallica, BNF, Paris.

Version 1.1