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Couperin, François (1683 - 1733)

Sonate La Steinquerque
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The source is the ms of the score copied by Sébastien de Brossard between the years 1690 and 1710. It includes four trios. Three of them (La Pucelle, La Visionnaire e L’Astrée) have been included, after revision, in the collection “Les Nations”, published in 1726. Ms. is available at the digital library Gallica, BNF, Paris.

Version 1.0
La Françoise, Sonade et Suite en Trio (Les Nations /I)
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The source is the 1726 edition of separate parts of “Le Nations”, available at Petrucci Music Library.

Version 1.0
Le Parnasse ou L'Apothéose de Corelli - Grande Sonade en Trio
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Source is the 1724 printed edition of the collection „Les Goûts-réünis“, Petrucci Music Library no. #29449. In case of ambiguities, the modern edition (1976) of Sonata edited by Musica Rara, Monteux, France MR 1844, was consulted.

Version 1.1 with a new editorial format and figured bass revision.
"Ad te levavi oculos meos„ a Voix seule et Symphonie
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The source is the ms. of the score NUMM-109665 copied by the atelier Philidor, available at the digital library Gallica, BNF, Paris. Caption title: “Mottets, a voix seule, / deux Et Trois parties / Et Symphonies / de M.r Couperin”.

Version 1.1