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Woodcock, Robert (1690 - 1728)

Concerto V in D for violins and two small flutes
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The source is a 1727-30 printed edition of separate parts, editor I. Walsh: “XII / CONCERTOS / in Eight Parts / The first three for / VIOLINS
and one small FLUTE / The second three for / VIOLINS and two small FLUTES / The third three for VIOLINS & one GERMAN FLUTE / and the three last for / VIOLINS & one HOBOY / … / Compos’d by / Robert Woodcock / London …”, online available at Petrucci Music Library.

Version 1.0 was completed on November 15, 2010. Version 1.1, with a revised editorial format and the score with flute parts in F, has been published on February 5, 2013.