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3 Sinfonie da "Il Barcheggio" per Tromba o Cornetto, 2 Violini, Trombone e Basso [1681]

The sources are ms Mus. F. 1146, Biblioteca Estense Universitaria di Modena and a ms from Biblioteca Universitaria di Torino - Fondo Foà Giordano - ms TO0265197. The Modena ms reports in the first page of the score the script “... l'ultima delle sue Sinfonie”. The same ms, before the second Sinfonia, has the script: “Seconda Parte. / Sinfonia avanti / Violini: Cornetto, ò Tromba / Tutti i V.V. / all'Unissono / Bassi con Tromboni suonano”. The Torino ms includes some dynamic suggestions and bass figures, possibly added by a later hand.
Saturday, November 12, 2011
Release notes: 
Publication of 3 "Sinfonie" by Stradella (version 2.0). The first and the second Sinfonia were published as version 1.1 in 2007. The third one is published here for the first time.

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