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6 Monfrine e 18 Valtz per Flauto solo

The source is the autograph of the score, Sapienza Università di Roma, Dipartimento di Lettere e Culture moderne, Sezione di Storia della Musica, Fondo de Pizzini von Hochenbrunn, RMS2679675. Title page: “N 6 Monfrine e N 18 Valtz p(er) Flauto solo / di Gius.e De Pauli.”. I have published this nineteenth-century piece in remembrance of my brother-in-law Antonio de Pizzini von Hochenbrunn, the last descendant of an ancient family, who gave me a collection of about 140 manuscripts and music prints used by the musicians of the family, mainly by the excellent flautist Carlo de Pizzini (1812-1883). Giuseppe De Pauli, flutist of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Verona, was Carlo's teacher for decades starting from 1827. The collection was donated by me to the Biblioteca di Storia della Musica dell’Università Sapienza di Roma.
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Thursday, October 5, 2023
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