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About is a digital collection of modern editions of music from the 17th and 18th century, dedicated to amateur and professional musicians. The scores are transcribed from original printed or manuscript sources using LilyPond, an open source project, to generate urtext editions. Selection of authors and music favors unedited music and less known authors.

Founded in 2005, now collects over 720 scores with separate parts and midi files, for over 30000 pages of baroque music. About 10 new scores are added every month.


How to get full access to the archive


About the editor is personally owned, edited, and maintained by Mario Bolognani.


Management consultant and former teacher at the Polytechnic of Milan, University of Pisa, University “Magna Graecia” and University of Rome “Sapienza”, Mario was involved, since 1964, in early music studying and playing. At present he plays the baroque “flauto traversiere” in "Diletto Barocco", a chamber orchestra in Rome (Italy), whose components are professional and amateur musicians, involved in a project for giving new life to unpublished and/or rarely executed music scores.