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Concerto per Flautino [RV 443]

The present edition is based on a ms. of the score, possibly autograph, from the collection „Foà-Giordano“, Biblioteca Nazionale, Torino, available online at Petrucci Music Library. The title ” per Flautino. Gli Istrom.ti trasportati alla 4.a”, suggests a transposition by a fourt. The editor, following the written instruction, has transposed score and parts, so that the appropriate concertante instrument should be soprano recorder in c, instead of sopranino recorder in f. Ms. is not very accurate with accidentals. Modern editions include variants of the original script that have not been considered.
Sample — 565x
Saturday, January 7, 2012
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Version 1.0

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First movement, bar 79 has in effect a low B, but it is in a "Tutti" section, when usually the solo instruments are not required to play. This fact is frequent in Vivaldi scores. Of course, if you prefer playing the whole piece, you have to transpose a bit.

RV 443 has a low B in bar 78. Isn't this below the range of a Soprano recorder? Thanks