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Concerto per il Flauto solo In Sol maggiore

The source is a ms of the score, Royal Library of Sweden, caption title: „Concerto per il Flauto Solo / in G. ♮. / a 4 Parte(sic)...“.
Sample — 624x
Saturday, July 25, 2009
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Version 1.0 with a revised editorial format.

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Dear Philip, regarding bar 77 (flute part) you are right: it is a transcription mistake. However, the group of 7 notes (as in the source) has a 3/4 duration. You may play them as you like, perhaps accelerando on the last 2 notes (32th). Many thanks for your notification.

Hi In the last movement, bar 120, there are seven semiquavers in this bar. Also I reckon the last note of bar 77 should be an f# to fit with the ensuing sequence...but could be wrong. It sounds very awkward as written with a sudden repeated g across the bar line. Best wishes Shaun

I am interested in Pergolesi flute concerto in G Major

<p>New publication of version 1.0 with a revised editorial format.</p>