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Concerto per Fagotto "La Notte" [RV 501]

The source of the Bassoon Concerto “La Notte” RV 501 is the autograph ms. of the score, Fondo Giordano, Volume 32 (p. 64r-71v), Bi­blioteca Nazionale Universitaria, Torino. Caption title: „La Notte Con[cer]to p[er] Fagotto Del Vivaldi“.
Sample — 170x
Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Release notes: 
Version 1.2

News & Comments

Publication of version 1.2 correcting a transcription mistake: last mov., Fagotto part, bar 46, e natural instead of e flat. Many thanks to Wouter Verschuren for notifying it.

Publication of version 1.1 correcting transcription mistakes: last mov., Fagotto part, bars 72 and 73. Many thanks to Wouter Verschuren for notifying them.

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