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Il Proteo ossia il mondo al rovescio - Concerto per Violino e Violoncello obbligati [RV 544]

The main source of concert Il Proteo in F major RV 544, is the autograph of the score, Biblioteca nazionale universitaria - Torino - IT-TO0265, volume Giordano 28, cc. 2r-9r. Title on source is: “Il Proteo o sia Il mondo al rovescio / Con:to con Violino e Violon:lo obbligati Del Vivaldi”. A second source was taken into consideration: printed edition by G. F. Malipiero, Ricordi, Milano 1952, available on IMSLP.
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Sunday, May 19, 2019
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Hello Mario Could it be possible for you to publish the version of the concerto RV544 known as concerto RV 572 which includes wind parts ? Thank you very much Frédéric

Many thanks for notification. Now Violino II ripieno is available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Violine 1 ripieno ist 2x vorhanden. Vl2 ripieno fehlt.

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