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Il Proteo ossia il mondo al rovescio - Concerto per Violino e Violoncello obbligati [RV 544]

The main source of concert Il Proteo in F major RV 544, is the autograph of the score, Biblioteca nazionale universitaria - Torino - IT-TO0265, volume Giordano 28, cc. 2r-9r. Title on source is: “Il Proteo o sia Il mondo al rovescio / Con:to con Violino e Violon:lo obbligati Del Vivaldi”. A second source was taken into consideration: printed edition by G. F. Malipiero, Ricordi, Milano 1952, available on IMSLP.
Sample page — 279x
Sunday, May 19, 2019
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Version 1.0

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Would it be possible to have a tenor clef version of the tenor part for the complete work? As things stand, the tenor part is in the tenor clef for 7-16 but in the alto clef for 1-6 and 17-24. A tenor clef version throughout would make the third part playable on cello or bassoon for the whole piece.

Hello Mario Could it be possible for you to publish the version of the concerto RV544 known as concerto RV 572 which includes wind parts ? Thank you very much Frédéric

Many thanks for notification. Now Violino II ripieno is available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Violine 1 ripieno ist 2x vorhanden. Vl2 ripieno fehlt.