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Tre Sonate a due Flauti traversi e Fondamento

The sources are the manuscripts of parts: 1) Sonata in C major, Mus. Hs. 240, RISM Id. no.: 453002214; 2) Sonata in G major, Mus. Hs. 241, RISM Id. no.: 453002215, at the end of second movement, the manuscript includes a cadenza for the flutes; 3) Sonata in B flat major, Mus. Hs. 242, RISM Id. no.: 453002216. The three sonatas are in the Badischen Landesbibliothek Karlsruhe with the same title: “Sonata | à | duoi Flauti. | e | Fondamento. | di Kleinknecht | [incipit: fl 1]”.
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Tuesday, June 27, 2023
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