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Concerto per Cembalo in Fa maggiore

Source is the autograph ms. available at Conservatorio di musica San Pietro a Majella, Napoli. Score and parts have been published with the original notation for horn in F (I and III movements) or in C (II movement).
Sample — 327x
Tuesday, August 17, 2010
Release notes: 
Version 1.2

News & Comments

Version 1.2, correcting a transcription error (Violino I, Ist mov., bar 127), was published on October 6, 2014. Thanks to Roberto Allegro for notifying it. Only score and Violino I parts are new.

Publication of version 1.1, correcting a transcription error (Cembalo, Ist mov., bar 87). Thanks to Roberto Allegro for notifying it.

Publication of version 1.0 with a revised editorial format. Horn parts have not been transposed.