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Nisi Dominus a 3 Voci con vari Strumenti [RV 803]

Source of “Nisi Dominus” RV 803 (1739) is the manuscript of the score, online available at SLUB, Dresden, Mus.2973-D-39, RISM Id n. 212006305. Caption title: „ Nisi Dominus | à 3.voci | Sopr. Alt: eTen: | con Viola ed Org. | Partitura sola | del Sig.r Galuppi“, misattributed to Galuppi by the copyist of Venezia Iseppo Baldan. The parts “Con il Basso” were transcribed to the lower octave, when possible. The work has been attributed to Vivaldi by Michael Talbot: “Recovering Vivaldi's Lost Psalm", in Eighteenth Century Music, 2004, p.61-77.
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Monday, September 28, 2020
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