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Hasse, Johann Adolf (1699 - 1783)

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The main source is a manuscript of the score of opera “Solimano”, Bibliothèque nationale de France (BNF), Musique (F-Pn): D.5456-5458. Caption title: “Solimano | Messo in Musica | da | Giov: Adolfo Hasse. | Primo Maestro di Capella | di S. M. del Re di Pola | Elettore di Sassa | nel Carnevale 1753.”. It has also been consulted the manuscript available at Dresden, Sächsische Landesbibliothek-Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek (SLUB) (D-Dl), Mus. 2477-F-68, RISM ID no.: 270000734.

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The source of concerto in B major for two flutes, two violins and bass, GroF 265, is a manuscript of score and parts, by several copyists, Musik- och teaterbiblioteket (S-Skma) FbO-R, RISM ID no.: 190018439.

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The sources of this concerto GroF 244 are two manuscripts of separate parts, (Mus.2-O-5,5, RISM ID no. 270000428 and Mus.2-O-5,2, RISM ID no. 270000429), available at Digital collection, SLUB, Dresden.

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Source is a ms of score and separate parts, available as a microfilm from Alströmer-Samlingen, Musik / Teater Biblioteket, Stockholm.

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The source is the ms. of separate parts of the Sinfonia in G (MenH 4.31), available online at the digital library Badische Landesbibliothek, Karlsruhe (Mus. Hs. 203).

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Source is ms of separate parts Mus. 2477-O-6, SLUB Dresden: Digitale Bibliothek.

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Source is a ms. of the score DM90132601472, Biblioteca del Conservatorio di musica S. Pietro a Majella, Napoli.

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Source is a ms. of the score included in the collection “Composizioni vocali profane”, DM90132601464, Biblioteca del Conservatorio di musica S. Pietro a Majella, Napoli.

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